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An Army of Zoombies on the Hunt for Silver Linings

Hi, everyone!

My friend, Dr. Demian Morquin @humorquin shared an image he created today after a long couple of weeks of providing professional development using Zoom. We LOVE Zoom. It has become an essential tool in our toolbox. Our team has provided over 70 professional development sessions and reached over 8,000 educators in just two short weeks.

But, Demian's Zoombie image struck a chord with me today. Our eyes and minds have been over-stimulated hour upon hour for the past couple of weeks. I don't know if he's the first to use the word Zoombie, but it's definitely the first I've heard of it used in this way. (I'm not counting the 2016 movie titles Zoombies. That's totally different! LOL.)

But, to tell you the truth, I'm "mind-tired" and I'm guessing you're a little "mind-tired" too. I will admit that each day gets better and better. But, my eyes and mind are feeling the wear and tear of the screen and that starts to impact my attitude.

I was reading an article today titled: Zoom Exhaustion is Real. Here are Six Ways to Find Balance and Stay Connected by Steve Hickman (April 6, 2020). You can read the full article yourself. But, something that stuck out to me was when he said, "If we are with several people online at the same time, we are simultaneously processing visual cues from all of those people in a way we never have to do around a conference table." I think this attributes to what I am calling the Zoombie tiredness.

Last week we talked about using sticky notes to set 3 goals to help you conquer the idea of feeling lost over things you can't control. So, let's expand upon that idea this week. Let's work on your mindset.

This week I would love for you to set one of your goals to work on mindfulness, focusing on the present situation we find ourselves in. But, actually, I want you to refocus your mind so that you see the positive. For example, one librarian I know had a baby last fall and had returned to work a couple of months ago. Now, she "gets" to be at home with her baby. She found the silver lining. (Hi, Karina!)

Goal 1: Refocus your mind on the positives. Find the silver linings. You're going to remove the thought of thinking - I'm stuck at home. Every morning when you wake up and/or in the evening before you go to bed, review this list and add more of your own.

  • I'm spending more time with those I love at home.

  • I'm learning A LOT while I'm at home.

  • I'm getting better and better at remote learning every day. Thank goodness!

  • I'm safe because I am choosing to stay at home.

  • I'm ....

  • I'm ....

You truly have a lot to be thankful for. There are a lot of silver linings if you look hard enough. But, you and I need to calm our Zoombie minds and make time to refocus. I know you can do this! I'm going to do it, too!

Let's have a little fun! Create your own Zoombie and tag me on Twitter @LibInfluencers or share it on my Facebook page. I'll start a post for sharing. We can create an army of Zoombies this week that are on the hunt for the silver linings!

Take care!

Dr. Laura

When you have a few minutes, listen to this week's podcast. Flipping the Library: with Carson LeMaster, an international school librarian in Morocco. Carson shares that flipping the library also involves flipping what people THINK about the library.

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