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Always Keep Chocolate in Your Drawer! with Jessica Hedrick

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Jessica Hedrick. Jessica was an elementary librarian for 3.5 years and decided it was not a good match for her. She is now in a high school librarian and has found her match!

You can find her podcast interview on my podcast page, your favorite podcast player, or by visiting this link

In this podcast, Jessica shares many lessons she’s learned as she has journeyed down the road in her librarian experience.

  • Her “many hats” have included fixed assets, tech repair, and classes back to back with students.

  • Don’t be scared to get to know your students.

  • Here are a couple of Librarian Influencer strategies Jessica shared:

  • Recognize your role as part of the learning process.

  • You will be a leader among the other educators. Recognize you are a go-to person on campus.

  • Help your students make positive choices for their future.

  • She is growing in her technology skills so she can help others. It’s fun!

Jessica has some advice for new librarians:

  • Don’t let a bad day or bad campus turn you off from doing your job.

  • Document your day so you can track your growth and spur new ideas.

  • Build relationships with department/grade level leads.

  • Always keep chocolate in your drawer!

My chat with Jessica was very insightful as she shared all of her “many hats” and her transition to finding her best-fit library.

You can follow Librarian Influencer Jessica Hedrick at:

Twitter: @theMsHedrick


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