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A Living Library: with Brooke Corso

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Brooke Corso who works at a middle school in Houston, Texas.

In this podcast, Brooke recalls some interesting facts about her two “first-years” in the library.

  • She compared moving into a library like moving into someone else’s house. You need to do some things to make it your own and feel settled.

  • In her first library, she genrified her library in hopes of supporting all levels of readers. It took about 3 months to finish this task.

  • She believes genrefying the library made her students more independent.

  • In her second library, it took about 11 months to fully weed her library.

Your library should be a Living Library where the librarian creates a hub for reducing the achievement gap and access gap for our students. Here are a couple of Librarian Influencer strategies Brooke shared:

  • She reaches out to department heads at the beginning of each year to ask about meeting with the teams during their meetings or to offer a tour of the resources related to their content area.

  • She makes library displays tied to the content that teachers are currently teaching.

  • Brooke identifies how she addresses each of the 4 kinds of readers.

  • She moved the scary books, funny books, graphic novels, and manga to the front of the library to make it easy for her struggling readers to access.

  • She strategically arranged her genres to try to influence students to see sections they might normally not be drawn to, like supernatural across from romance. She has seen a boost in circulation. From August 26-December 19, 2019, students read more books than the entire 2018-201 school year. From Follett Destiny: - 8,599 circulations from 8/26/18 - 6/1/19 (a full year before genrefying) - 8,627 circulations from 8/26/19 - 12/19/19 (1/2 year with Genrefied library)

  • Take advantage of any opportunities your superiors offer to you.

You can follow Librarian Influencer Brooke Corso at:

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