A Deeper Dive into PLNs

Hi! I'd like to follow up on personal learning networks (PLN) a little more this week. Last week I briefly mentioned PLNs in comparison to a professional learning community (PLC). This week I want to give some more examples because I hope that each of you will find a PLN to connect with starting this summer.

As I shared last week Schoology describes PLNs like this. “A personal learning network (PLN) is a group of colleagues, mentors, and professionals that you connect with to enhance your own personal learning and take charge of your own professional development.” So, I'd like to share some groups I connect with in hopes that you might want to connect also.

FACEBOOK - If you have a Facebook account you have probably been invited to like or follow many pages and groups. If you have never seen groups and pages related to library topics, this summer would be a great time to start looking. These groups are places you can connect with others to improve your personal learning and professional development.

You can use the search bar on Facebook to search for things you want to learn more about. Here is an example of my search for makerspace. There are a variety of groups and pages and I can read the little blurb to decide if there are any I want to look at further.

I love Facebook library groups. Typically someone moderates and keeps the environment welcoming and open for discussions. Librarians are free to ask each other questions and members add their responses in a free-flowing conversation. It's easy to follow along because all of the discussions occur underneath the original post.