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2020 Perfect Vision

I know we’ll all see a lot of plays on perfect vision as we start the year 2020. I’d like to use it as a way for us to focus on getting off to a good start as the new year rolls around. A lot of people make resolutions, but I’ve been fascinated with the #OneWord concept that many people have used the past several years.

#OneWord is intended to help you think about the coming year and make a decision about what you want to accomplish or have as your focus for the coming year. Your one word should be a part of your day to day living as well as something you aspire to throughout the year. You could think of it as your personal theme for the year. Here are some #OneWords that might inspire you to start thinking about your own #OneWord.


If you’ve never done #OneWord before, you could start by brainstorming as many powerful words and phrases to describe what you plan to do, something you want to improve on or change, or even something you want to stop doing over the coming year. Take a break and come back later to look at your list with fresh eyes. On round 2 with your words, do you notice any patterns or big concepts? If so, that could be your one word. If not, keep playing with the list until you find something you’re comfortable with. Using #OneWord can help sharpen your vision by aligning your daily actions with your long term goals.

Now FOCUS in on everything you day to day. FOCUS in on your library goals. Don’t be distracted; stay FOCUSED.


Now, as you start to think about your coming year be sure to keep your #OneWord at the top of your mind. Map out your big library celebrations for each month. Use Shannon Miller and Brianna Cua’s Library, Learning and Literacy Celebrations Throughout The Year! Online document. Layout your big monthly themes or celebration for the rest of the school year. They did an excellent job of laying out all the pieces you to need for preparations: Celebration, Global Celebrations and Connections, Resources, Connections (Curriculum, Events, etc…), Display & Bulletin Board Ideas, New Book Releases, New Movies Based on Books, and Special Notes.

Be INTENTIONAL with your time this year. Choose your conferences and breakout sessions with INTENTION. Don’t waste your time doing things that don’t support your goals and ambitions.


Think about using Canva or another design tool to create some visuals of your #OneWord. Can you make a gorgeous new screen saver that greets you each morning and reminds you of your #OneWord focus? Think about designing a wallpaper for your phone so you have it front and center every time you get online. You could go old-school with sticky notes and permanent marker. Place the sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, on your dashboard, and anywhere else you glance at daily.

Allow yourself time daily/weekly to do something CREATIVE. Give yourself the freedom to relax mentally and CREATE something just for the pleasure of being CREATIVE. Don’t do things just to ark them off your list. FInd a way to do them CREATIVELY.

I’d love to hear your #OneWord for 2020. Send me an email or a social media message to let me know which word will inspire you for 2020.

Use your #OneWord to help you stay focused and to re-center when you are feeling frazzled. Let this #OneWord frame what you do each day. Let this #OneWord shape your plans for the future. You have one thing to do and that's your #OneWord. You can do it!


Dr. Laura

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