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10 Days of Holiday Twitter - Part 2

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Hi, everyone!

We are 1/2 way through the 10 Days of Holiday Twitter and I've already met a lot of new people to follow! Twitter is a great place to grown your Library Squad (PLC/PLN). This 10 day challenge has 2 levels of Twitter activity each day. The left hand side of the day is a challenge for librarians new to Twitter. The right hand side of the day is for librarians who have some Twitter experience.

Each day I am sharing videos demonstrating what to do for the challenge of the day. I am posting these videos on the Librarian Infleuncers' Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. I am also sharing the videos on my personal LinkedIn page. For ease of access, I will share the Facebook video links here:

Day 1: Create your account or help someone create an account.

Day 2: Add a profile photo or update your profile information.

Day 3: Search for and follow the Librarian Influencers Twitter account or find some social media super stars to follow.

Day 4: Tweet to introduce yourself and use the hashtag #libinfluencers so we can find you Marco Polo style. (Watch the video to understand the reference to the childhood game of Marco Polo.)

Day 5: Tweet a photo of something fun today or Tweet a GIF or meme about your day.

If you are wanting a more in-depth training, I do have a Twitter How-To training on my website. You need to login to my website and then visit the Pop-Up PD tab.

It's not too late to join in the fun and start meeting fabulous librarians to add to your Library Squad. Join us today! It's not too late!

Dr. Laura

Have you met Cari White, the founder of the Learning Librarians Facebook page? She shares some awesome ideas in her podcast interview. Find some time this weekend to listen to Cari.

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