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10 Days of Holiday Twitter

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Hi, everyone!

Let's start building your Library Squad. Everyone needs some fellow librarians to learn from and inspire. These other librarians can help you work through alternate plans when Plan A, B, and C fall through. These other librarians can lift you up on days that you feel like will never end. And every know and then you'll discover that you are doing the same for them!

In order to help you meet people for your Library Squad, I wanted to offer a little fun training on Twitter for the next two weeks. So, I invite you to join me for the 10 Days of Holiday Twitter. For the next two weeks (Monday-Friday), I'll use my social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to post little Twitter tips related to the content of the day.

  • Follow the 10 Days of Holiday Twitter challenge form.

  • Please be sure to use the hashtag #libinfluencers so we can find the Tweets you are making.

  • Reach out if you need assistance.

  • Each day has a beginner and intermediate level challenge. Do the challenge that best fits your skill level.

Let's have a little fun! And for those of you who are Twitter gurus, please join in the fun and help build up the librarians who are learning about Twitter for the next two weeks. Follow them. Retweet their posts so other librarians will see them. Ask your followers to follow them. You know the drill! And thanks!

If you are brand new to Twitter, login to the top right corner of my website. This will then give you access to my Pop UP PD (Professional Development) tab where I have a recorded webinar on Twitter How-To. If you are not logged in, you will not be able to see any content on the Pop Up PD page.

Dr. Laura

Did you meet Sarah Scholl this week? She has some awesome tips to use when you want to start thinking about branding your library. Listen to her podcast interview this week.

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